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Kay Grubola at the Kentucky Museum of Art May 30 2014, 0 Comments

Pyro member Kay Grubola is included in an exhibition at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft this summer.  The show opens to the public June 14 - August 31.  


Other artists include: Jennifer Angus, John James Audubon, Bigert & Bergström, Drew Conrad, Mitch Eckert, Carlee Fernandez, Charles Fréger, Adam Fuss, Kay Polson Grubola, Edward Hart, Laura A. Hartford, Jochem Hendricks, Damien Hirst, Jacob Heustis, Lonnie Holley, Jessica Joslin, Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis, Vladimir Peric, Rosalie Rosenthal, Andrea Stanislav, Turner + Guyon, Meyer Vaisman