Corie Neumayer - Artist's Works

 Nature, its familiar, odd and beautiful manifestations interests most people is some way.  Landscapes with their color plane fields, textured trees, complex tangles of branches call to be explored in a variety of paint and materials.  I have lived in the city for many years, but grew up in the country. The lure the open spaces, the smells, the richness of nature's rhythms  always stayed with me.

I am a painter, who works mainly in acrylic because it is so dries quickly so the surprises of layering more paint, or paper, or almost anything else can be experienced almost immediately.  No delayed gratification!

My primary fascination in painting is the exploration  of, materials, colors, and compositions.  Currently I am working with incorporating  a variety of papers:   gift wrap tissue, paper from inside shoe boxes, purchased paper , almost anything  with my paints.  My work often includes figures, but  the land, in all its variations, is always at the core of the concept.


Corie Neumayer