Leslie Anglin - Artist's Works

Artist bio:

Leslie Anglin is a Louisville-based artist and native Kentuckian who has studied at the Art Studio in New York City, the University of Louisville, and the Kentucky School of Art. As a freelance editor, Leslie is often influenced by her reading—subjects ranging from cultural anthropology to cognitive psychology. Leslie lives in Old Louisville with her husband, David, and her two cats, Isabelle and Marlowe.


Artist statement:

What does it mean to be a human being right now? This question, whether in the context of contemporary communication, work philosophy, or environmental concerns, is the guiding force behind my artwork. I believe that artists have an obligation to respond to the world as it is in the present moment and to contribute to a collective understanding of both the world around us and inside us. As an experiential artist, my art-making process is spontaneous, relying on touch, reaction, and intuition. I experiment with different combinations of materials—from meticulously handmade paints, natural fibers, and storied surfaces to grossly manufactured house paint, plastic bags, and mass-produced media—to discover unusual forms, juxtapositions, and compositions that comment on and consider our peculiar place in human history.