Modern Muse - Artist's Works

A duo exhibition featuring
Pyro Member, Claudia Hammer and guest artist, Mary Dennis Kannapell
April 12 - May 26
Artist Reception, Sunday, April 15, 12 - 4
Artist Talk, Saturday, April 21, 11:00 am.


Claudia Hammer has a considerable reputation for painting portraits, and the human figure, but more recently she has turned her attention to static objects and renders them with a sufficient degree of realism to impress us with her technique, but there is also an atmosphere, crafted from evocative background textures and a sophisticated sense of light, that places these things in the realm of misty memory.- Keith Waits, from Louisville Visual Art’s Artebella, October 2017

Mary Dennis Kannapell's work in the "Modern Muse" is a playful dance of materials, forms and surface techniques. This panoply of sculptures are largely ceramic, vary in scale and evoke the mystery of existence. A still form can breathe with presence giving the viewer a moment of contemplation on the interconnected essence of life.