Truth and Beauty-C.J. Pressma-Opening April 7th

Opening on Thursday, April 7 and running through May 21, 2016.

Opening reception will be on Friday, April 8 from 6 to 9 pm.

Gallery talk by the artist Saturday April 9 starting at 1 pm.


Pressma writes: In January, the New York Times Columnist David Brooks wrote a
thoughtful and perceptive opinion piece intitled When Beauty Strikes. His view is that
“ is a big, transformational thing, the proper goal of art and maybe civilization
itself....It educates the emotions and connects us to the eternal.”

This got me thinking about my own work as an artist and how I could reconcile my surreal and dark viewpoint, as expressed in my art, with the viewpoint of Brooks as well as many other prominent artists. As I struggled with this idea I reminded myself that there is a basic truth in beauty. That just as a mathematician refers to a solution in aesthetic terms as “beautiful or elegant,” the artist’s expression, no matter how dark or surreal, reveals a basic idea -

Truth is Beauty.

In this show I present a variety of ideas and objects with which I have been working. There are three installations that have a sense of physicality that goes well beyond the photographs I usually make. These 3D pieces are made so that the viewer can stand inside them, view the ever changing collages made by slightly altering the viewer’s head position, and listen to a soundtrack documenting or inspired by the content of the installation. The pieces each have a different subject.


Before I Die is an examination of the public art vlewer’s participation in the “bucket list” installations now found all over the world.

Art As Memory is a piece created for an exhibition at Weber Gallery. It combines photographs and experiences by disabled people participating in the self-advocacy committee at the Council on Developmental Disabilities. This three sided installation was made so that it is wheel chair accessible for viewing from the inside.

Natural Beauty was inspired by vlsits to Cumberland Island where I made scans of sea shells, shark’s teeth, and petrified flora and fauna objects. It celebrates the beauty found on this isolated island.