Day by Day by Day

Kathleen Loomis

Day by Day by Day: adventures in regular art

At PYRO Gallery, 1006 E. Washington St., October 25 – December 1, 2018
Opening reception: Sunday, October 28, 1-4:30 pm
First Friday Trolley Hop: Friday, November 2, 6-9 pm
Gallery talk: Saturday, November 3, 12 noon



Since 2001, Louisville artist Kathleen Loomis has been making daily art.  Each year her rules change; in different years she has worked with photography, collage, drawing, hand stitching, quilting, soft sculpture and mail art.  Frequently she will also do once-a-week projects, or daily projects that last less than a full year.


In this exhibit, Loomis empties her shoeboxes and files to bring together eighteen years of her regular art.


She explains:  “Once you've done it this long, the concept takes on a life of its own.  Ask me why I do daily art, I'll tell you that I like the discipline and structure, that it makes me think about art every day, that the regular work improves my skill and focus, that the repetition allows me to explore ideas without the risk of a ‘real’ work.  But I also do daily art because I do daily art.  It has become a part of my life and I would feel bereft, missing an essential part of me, without it.”