EX-Faculty: New, Renewed, and Re-purposed

EX-Faculty: New, Renewed, and Re-purposed


Susan Moffett, Wendi Smith, and Marilyn Whitesell 


October 13th-November 26th 2016

Artists Reception: Friday, October 14th from 6:00-9:00 pm

First Frdiay Trolley Hop: Friday, November 4th from 6:00-9:00 pm

Gallery Talk by Artists: Saturday, October 15th at 12:30 pm


Susan Moffett, Wendi Smith, and Marilyn Whitesell are retired college educators, with 68 combined years as faculty.  Each artist has taught in the tradition of the mastery of technique and materials as the basic language of visual art; a shared philosophy that understanding theory and developing skills gives a student a better vocabulary with which to express ideas.
Now in their pursuit of personal artistic goals, each has found an eagerness to follow inclinations, disregard expectations, and branch out into new media, new approaches, and new forms.

Susan Moffett, well known for her drawing and printmaking expertise, has abandoned the expectation of an “edition” for the freedom and spontaneity of woodcut mono-prints.  Instead of a traditional series of perfected prints with a consistent image, she is opting to use the block prints in an intuitive exploration of organic forms, creating rhythm within and relationships between the prints.  Small prints are re-purposed in relationships of color, density and repetition, to make a larger installation.
Simultaneous to her pursuit of this body of work, Susan has begun to study the fiddle, and has continued her long involvement with contra dancing.  
“The rhythm of this work is integrated with the presence of music and dance in my life.”
Susan Moffett

Marilyn Whitesell, a master print-maker, photographer, and graphic designer has created a new body of work making jewelry.  This departure is part of her process.  The exploration of new media, taking a traditional form and expanding it, working without a digital component, she has broken new ground.  Marilyn’s work centers on organic forms, nature, and a reverence for other cultures.  
No matter which medium, the work is based in these ideas.  She is fluent in many visual languages.
“No artificial statements, the work springs from the things we embrace and explore in our lives.”
Marilyn Whitesell

Wendi Smith’s work is based in imagery, usually painted.  For the past few years, those images have migrated to the surface of objects. Often multiple small works combine into a larger environment.  Her work embraces rituals of different cultures, explores the relationship between nature and the sacred, and mines historical eras in visual art.  She is a collector of natural objects, and they often find their way into her work.
Her reverence for the natural world has taken the form of a chapel for this installation.
“At this time of my life, I am no longer influenced by trends, expectations, or the contemporary tyranny of galleries and critics.  I am following my own lights.”
 Wendi Smith

Ex-Faculty:  New, Renewed, Re-purposed opens on October 13, with a reception for the artists on Friday, October 14, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. A gallery talk by the artists is scheduled for Saturday, October 15 at 12:30.  The First Friday reception is November 4, 6:00-9:00. The exhibit runs through November 26th. 
For further information please contact Wendi Smith at 812.267.5077

 PYRO Gallery is open 12 PM to 6 PM on Thursdays thru Saturday, or by appointment. The gallery is open late during artist receptions and First Friday Trolley Hops. Admission to PYRO Gallery is FREE and open to the pubic


Special Notice: African Wildlife Foundation Contribution Opportunity

After spending the last 30 years as an advocate of wildlife around the world, I have decided to put my skills to work to support the African elephants, whose numbers in the world are being decimated by poachers.

I have created an elephant triptych, in the highly decorative style of my other work, utilizing motifs from mud cloth designs as the starting point.  The triptych shows a mother and calf, two juveniles, and a bull.  The work is on 3 wood panels, in acrylic, and can be mounted on a wall, or placed on a shelf or table.  The panels are hinged together, and finished on the reverse side with paint and collaged paper.  The approximate size is 12” x 32” by 1”.  It is valued at $650 and the minimum bid is $400.

30% of the proceeds will go to the gallery, and the remaining 70% will go to the African Wildlife Foundation.


Wendi Smith