PYRO Gallery Presents: Constellate


Layer on Layer,

 Mystery on Mystery

 Image on Image,

 Dream on Dream

Both the work of Corie Neumayer and James Norton celebrate life...both in the actual creation of an image as well as in the finished art.  The photographs and paintings constellate, or collect in one place, discoveries, memories and ideas that   seek an understanding of the unexplainable world.

 Corie Neumayer uses spray paint and stencils cut from vinyl shelf liner to layer multiple images of birds...or of people, that are  brought together in groups that may have happened only by impuse.  People may dress differently, think differently, and come from different backgrounds, but like other species we still congregate in groups.  


James Norton's photograps are comprised of a series of images illustrating the deconstructive effects of Alzheimer's disease.  His work simultaneously grieves the inexorable loss of structure and follows the contextual path that leads the viewer to a new memory and a new shared experience. The blending of past and present through complex composited imaging, subtly reveals a central point or primary focus within each image.


Layers of meaning and layers of images unite the work of both  artists as they celebrate the dreams and mysteries of life.

CORIE NEUMAYER's work can be viewed here:

JAMES NORTON's work can be viewed here: