PYRO Gallery Presents: Memories of the Earth



Touch the earth, feel the earth, her plains,
her valleys, her hills, and her seas;
rest your spirit in her solitary places. 
—Henry Beston
Show Dates: July 2nd - August 8th
Opening Reception: Friday July 3rd 6-9 PM
First Friday Trolley Hop: August 7th 6-9 PM


The same earth that gives and takes also surprises us by revealing the past in unexpected ways.

Carl deGraaf’s fellow artists took actual physical journeys which shaped their visions of earth, wind, fire, and water. But Carl’s art work, although created from the same elements, instead represents an emotional journey from love lost to new love found. The visible rough edges, flaws, and mistakes are the reality of our imperfect lives. The glazes attempt to add beauty and color to what may seem complex, but really is simple.


James Norton wandered and photographed ancient Native American cliff dwellings near Santa Fe, New Mexico. As expected, it was a beautiful place. The surprise came when he reviewed the images. The rock faces had almost human characteristics that showed through these black and white images. Here was the profile of an Indian Chief, here a snake, there a skull. The life force had become integrated into the rock face like the image on a traditional silver negative.


Corie Neumayer’s series of paintings was inspired by visits to Iceland and the Mojave Desert, landscapes whose desolate grandeur and forlorn ruins spoke to her of lives and memories covered by the past. Their inhospitable beauty was created by the violence of volcanoes, glaciers, wind, and shifts in the earth.  Many would-be settlers now lie buried there, lost beneath the soil, their spirits lonely, forgotten by time. And all that remains is lava, sand, and water.