PYRO Gallery Presents: Surface Play

Collaborations with Susie Harrison

Paper Weavings + Print Transformations

August 13th -September 26th

Opening Reception: Friday, August 14th 6 to 9PM
First Friday Reception: September 4th 6 to 9PM
Artist Talk: September 19th 3 to 4PM

In a departure from her "Personal Flotation Device" Installation work Harrison has organized a series of collaborations in which she transforms the prints and paintings of other artists into woven, three-dimensional forms. Member artists of Pyro as well as fellow faculty members and students of the Kentucky Center Governor's School for the Arts have donated their work to Harrison's research and development of this new body of work fusing two- and three-dimensional design and processes. 

    Harrison's paper sculptures are the result of experimentation with folding, cutting and weaving sheets of paper together, while responding to the impact of planar shifts, stress, tension and surface play. Harrison is in effect  re-purposing two- dimensional works on paper into the warp and wefts of 3-D weavings. 

    Although not actually a "weaver" Harrison is using the process of weaving as a metaphor to examine how people attempt to create harmony and a holistic sense in a life otherwise quite fragmented and disjointed. The weaving of other's imagery into her own artistic production also serves as a statement affirming the importance of community and the connection she shares with two amazing creative communities -- PYRO and GSA.

    Harrison has been a member of PYRO Gallery since 2004 and has served as a Visual Art Faculty member for GSA since 2007. She was the Upper School Art teacher at The Louisville Collegiate School from 2002 to 2013. Currently she is a Museum Educator for Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and Director and Resident Artist at Brick Street Art Studios in New Albany, IN, and is Administrative Director of Pyro Gallery in Louisville KY.  

For further information a complete list of the contributing artists, contact Susan Harrison at: 502-386-5481 or email

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