Pyro Gallery Presents-Susan Harrison-PFD's Type I, II and III

October 3rd - November 15th




New Works From:

Susan Harrison


PYRO Gallery


909 East Market Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40206



October 3rd, 2013 through November 15th, 2013


                  Opening Reception: Friday Octoberber 4th, 2013: 6 - 9PM



     Harrison’s PFD‘s Type I, II, & III exhibition includes soft sculptures exploring the idea, form and content of personal flotation devices, specifically variations of the Types 1, 2 and 3, as well as abstract works on paper, and audience participation in a portraiture photography project. Her forms serve as a metaphor for how individuals seek security, precautions and comfort in life.


     This installation features the naturally buoyant Ceiba Pentandra Kapok fiber that was primarily used to stuff life preservers, as well as mattress and pillows in the early 1900s until the end of World War II when synthetic foams replaced its use. Other saved fabrics reflecting personal attachments and referencing basic physiological comforts and needs such as sleeping, eating and clothing are also manipulated. She hopes that her choice of materials raises questions, and inspires a few chuckles, about the stuff and stuffings of life and love.


     Also included in this show are her automatic “plays on paper” that serve as her creative flotation devices. These drawing experiences prompt her imagination to react to her direct and indirect mark-making, color choices, layering of elements, and often the influences of Jazz. Harrison states that “ ‘Taking “a line for a walk’ in the manner of Paul Klee and exploring the mystery and magic of improvisation has always been an essential aspect of my studio process.” 


     Harrison hopes that her audience will enjoy examining the drawings, wearing the PFD’s, reflecting on what stuff keeps them afloat, and striking their most instinctive comfort poses as a camera will be set up at the opening reception to take people’s portraits wearing the art.  As she says,  “Without you the PFD’s are incomplete!”