PYRO Presents: The New Members Show





PYRO Gallery, an artist owned gallery located in the NULU Arts District, is proud to present an exhibition showcasing its newest members. The show will feature the work of six diverse Louisville area artists including:


Amanda Briede: Amanda recently received her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her work attempts the futile task of capturing the energy of Rock n' Roll.


Beverly Glascock: Beverly is an artist, attorney, and Chair of the Exhibition Committee of the Louisville Visual Art Association. Her work uses bonded marble to add depth and motion to an otherwise static image.


Kay Polson Grubola: Kay is an artist, independent curator, former Executive Director of Nazareth Arts, and former Artistic Director of the Louisville Visual Art Association. Her work is a celebration of nature; an allegory for the natural process of human life, both its ascendance and its decline.


Shohei Katayama: Shohei was recently featured in Louisville Magazine's "Artist Class: 13 Artists You Need to Know" article. His work deals with underlying patterns inherent in nature and how these repeating elements govern the structure and organization of matter.


Gabrielle Mayer: Gabrielle is an associate professor in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Louisville. Her new series utilizes ruffles and gloves to create text messages, often mannered but occasionally rude.


Phillip Rodriguez: Phillip recently received his BFA in Glass from the University of Louisville. His work is derived from and interest in modern psychology and the complexities of the human mind.