PYRO Gallery Presents: Re-surfacing

Leslie Anglin Out in the world, walking through the streets, I see surfaces with stories to tell. These are most often old boards or pieces of debris that call me to “re-surface” them. This word can refer to the material or the psychological. With the material, it means to put a new coating on or to reform. With the psychological, it means to come out of hiding or from beneath a surface. Both of these meanings come to play in this body of work. Old pieces of wood, used shipping pallets, cardboard, plastic, tar roofing, and newspapers are among the materials that make up the work in this exhibit. I think these discarded materials say as much about us as the materials we treasure. By working with these old things, I explore what it means to be a human being right now, in this moment in history.

Jessica Robinson My work reflects my love of nature and working with my hands, using earth tones and hand-built techniques to create a softness about the form. I enjoy creating unique vessels that utilize and display the beauty in the little differences and imperfections all around us. Each piece is a small reflection on the peaceful experience of truly noticing the natural world.

This exhibition will run from June 20 through July 27, 2019. The artists will be present at the Opening Reception on Friday, June 21.