Syncopation : Anne Huntington and Jenny Shircliff

Show Dates: October 24th - December 1
Opening Reception October 27th, 1-4PM
Gallery Talk: Sunday, November 3rd 1PM
Workshop : "Towards Abstraction" with Jenny Shircliff Sunday, Dec 1 1-4PM

Two artists come together in this show to present the viewer with a variety of off-beat abstract rhythms.

Anne Huntington

Anne is a self taught artist who moved to Louisville over 30 years ago from London England. After studying architecture and a career in medicine she is happily settled as an artist.

"When I start painting I don't have a specific goal in mind. The work gradually evolves after several layers of paint and marks have been laid down. I am moved by the material evidence of change, exemplified by degeneration and irregularity and I try to capture these qualities in my paintings. Structural forms are sometimes superimposed, adding contrast and tension."

This results in paintings that are layered, imperfect and chaotic.


Jenny Shircliff

Jenny Shircliff's work is more organic and fluid, mystical and otherworldly.

Jenny is native to Louisville and studied drawing and painting and art history throughout her careers in both graphic design and education. Her earliest endeavors dealt naturalistically with both the figure and interiors. However, her experiences in art history influenced the turning of her work toward abstraction.

"My work in this show includes several different approaches. I observe objects in nature and make abstractions of them. I sit before a blank surface and create nonrepresentational art with an eye towards formal elements : line, color shape and value and I take favorite parts of my past work and give them their own abstract presence."