Pyro Gallery is pleased to present:

“Converging Viewpoints”


Six Pyro Gallery artists will be featured in the show: Leslie Anglin, Roy Ruiz Clayton, Beverly Glascock, Anne Huntington, James (“Chip”) Norton, and Jenny Shircliff. The exhibition will explore a variety of forms, themes, media and techniques among these six diverse contemporary artists. All of the artists in this show will exhibit new paintings, photography, and works on paper.


James “Chip” Norton is a photographer and media technologist who explores the possibilities of creative imaging inspired by the shapes that capture his eye, faces that show character, and a hidden human element, just beyond the exterior, that we all place between ourselves and the world around us. For this exhibit, Chip has created a series of images that illustrate the impact that every human interaction has on our perception of others and ourselves. Relationship and exploring self are at the heart of this series.


Leslie Anglin experiments with different combinations of materials – from meticulously handmade paints, natural fibers, and storied surfaces to grossly manufactured house paint, plastic bags, and mass-produced media-to discover unusual forms, juxtapositions, and compositions that comment on our peculiar place in human history. For this exhibit, Leslie will show works surveying the components of our environment through abstraction using wooden pallets.


Beverly Glascock will show works of more traditional abstraction and figurative work as she investigates lost edges and blurred lines through the elements of painting – color, texture, and surface – until the image itself becomes as diffuse and immaterial as a memory.


Jenny Shircliff has returned to painting after a long hiatus during which she devoted herself to teaching art history. She has turned to viewing her own body as elements of land shapes and using that vision as a starting point for abstract landscapes that she calls “flesh-scapes.”


Anne Huntington's abstract works are inspired by the beauty of impermanence and imperfection, and the dichotomy of the structural world versus the natural world, revealing the mystery of the commonplace by juxtaposing geometric elements with randomness.


Roy Ruiz Clayton is an artist as well as a musician who uses colored pencils, pen, paintbrush, watercolor, and grease to make his works on paper. His work, reminiscent of Picasso and Marc Chagall, highlights portraits of people who have been an important influence on his life, either personally or creatively, and - drawing from his own dreams, imaginings, family history, culture, songs and memory - renders his subjects with a palate of vibrant colors and images.



“Converging Viewpoints” will run from January 5, 2018 through February ___, 2018. The artists will be present at the opening reception Friday, January 5 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. The opening night reception will also feature refreshments, music, and the highly anticipated return of the popular boutique, Design Enterprises Boutique, in Pyro's newly renovated home in the historic Butchertown Block.


Gallery hours are Thursday – Saturday 12–6:00, other days by appointment.